I am incredibly different than I was when I was young. When I was young and was in a relationship I made it my entire world. When I was young I was irrational and never thought things through so I was always hurt by my own actions.

I’m 22 years old right now and as I sit and reflect I am amazed how much I’ve changed. I never really noted the smaller changes though. It wasn’t until the actions, behaviours, and words some people say that sparked anger and annoyance in me. I didn’t know why at the time but after reflecting some time ago I came to understand why.

I see my younger self in those people. They are irrational and so head over heels in love that their relationship is everything to them. I know their relationship does not concern me but for some odd reason it angers me because I also see them complain, whine, and cry over every little thing in their relationship that is just so trivial.

I guess due to the reminder of my past struggles (particularly in relationships) and how I made my life revolve around it made me upset. It makes me sad seeing people make their relationship their entire world because it ends up them having no life of their own and that’s completely unhealthy. And some of those I notice who are like that are those who are very clingy. Let me tell you something… that is incredibly unhealthy and all the issues you end up having is because of that.

It was when I met Jay that he began teaching me things and how to be my own person and that relationship isn’t your whole life. It is a part of it, for sure, but you have so much else going on in your life. So it saddens me and angers me seeing people just throw their life away because they’re so obsessed with their relationship. They’re mindless zombies who do everything based off their relationship.

Jay has been incredibly busy with his co-op and part time job we only talk for maybe 15 – 30 minutes every morning for me (or his evening) but I am not complaining. Then I see people who complain not having hours with their boyfriend/girlfriend to talk to. Are you kidding me?

There are people who see their significant other more than once a year. I can only see mine once a year, nothing more than that. So why are you complaining? Can’t you count your blessings?

I am getting angry as I write this. And I’ll end it with one last thing. I see people complain non-stop about things in their relationship when they don’t get what they want (e.g., not talking to their significant other enough) but you know what? Yeah I get it it’s sad but count your damn blessings because at least you can have oodles of hours to talk to your partner and some people, like myself, do not even have an hour.

Some people need to learn to live their own life, count their blessings, and for God’s sake just grow up. Your relationship isn’t your entire world and if it is then I feel sorry for you.

Monthly Goals: December 2015 Review

Like I said I am here to do a review of my goals from last month (December 2015). I am a bit nervous. I haven’t been really keeping track throughout the previous month if I have achieved my goals or such. Usually I have it on my mind and get excited knowing I have done something towards my goals. Maybe I didn’t pay that much attention because I was busy with my final exams?

Anyways, let’s do a review. You can find a list of the goals I made for last month by clicking here. If you are wary of clicking hotlinks you can find all my posts for my monthly goals by looking at the right side bar and clicking “Monthly Goals” under the “Categories” header.

  1. Soft drinks… oh, I tried my best. I actually managed to limit the amount of soft drink I had. But this month, January, I drank a bit more than I should since I am visiting family right now. I did, however, achieve the goal of drinking less for the month of December. 🙂
  2. Getting ahead of my winter readings? YES! Achieved this, 100%. I am ahead of all my readings. *boasts* I am proud of myself hah.
  3. Exercise… nah. I couldn’t. Does standing up for hours while pressing buttons on my POS screen at work counts?
  4. READ MORE BOOKS!!! Yes, I also achieved this. Aside from my textbooks (hehehe) I have also read a lot of other books too. I finished this one about North Korea and re-reading this book from the Dalai Lama right now. ^_^
  5. Substituting coffee = success. I haven’t had coffee for a long time.
  6. Pick up Korean again… YES, I have! I made immense progress after getting over the plateau (which I will write more about another time). I am happy! Also I am more happy knowing I am ahead for my winter semester which means I’ll have more time to study Korean.

So of the 6 goals I achieved 5/6, not bad huh!? I am happy now that I reflect on it haha. I thought I didn’t do much but I was just pre-occupied with schoolwork to even realize the things I have been achieving and able to work towards to. 🙂

I’ll post my goals for this month sometime tomorrow but I cannot guarantee it. I leave Winnipeg and going back to Toronto this Friday so I might be a bit busy until then.

I’ll see you guys around soon, I hope! I want to post things I learned since I began studying Korean again. But that’ll have to wait until tomorrow probably. 😀

2016 New Year Resolutions

Hey all! I know I have been extremely busy since the end of my exams and the beginning of my winter break. I began working a lot and then I was off to Winnipeg (still here now) where I spent a lot of time with family and such. That being said, I am here to update you all that I am doing great and I wanted to start the new year with a post about my goals/resolutions for this year. 🙂 I’ll post a review of my goals last month as well.

Although this post will have goals for the entire year I will be doing my monthly goal posts too. Along with my review of my goals last month I’ll also post something more specific in regards to my goals this month. It’s great for organizing, right?

This year the theme around my goal will be more centered around myself. Lately I noticed that a lot of people have created more selfish goals and I decided that I wanted to do that too.

Anyways, without further ado, here are my goals:

  1. Be more patient. This is one of my flaws. I can grow very impatient depending on what I am waiting/anticipating for.
  2. Continue my healthy diet. I’ve been doing extremely well with eating healthy that I have lost quite a bit of weight. I do treat myself. Sometimes a bit more than I should, haha. But for the most part my diet is very healthy. The only issue is that when I visit my family back in Winnipeg (which I am right now) I tend to eat a bit more and my healthy diet pauses since my parents – particularly my mom – enjoys stuffing me with food.

    Another concern is that when I go to South Korea to see Jay this year I’ll probably be eating a lot too. I hope I can balance healthy eating and also some treats here and there while I try new Korean food there. Also, my boyfriend will be stuffing me with food too haha.

  3. Exercise more. I kind of do this, kind of. I do a lot of body weight exercises and such but not that much. I really want to get back into exercising. I was a huge gym nut in the past. I went to the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours at least. Sigh.
  4. Continue to substitute coffee for tea. I tend to buy coffee only if I slept for less than 5 hours but I find that coffee doesn’t have that alerting effect on me as it did before. Tea is healthier so I should go back to that.
  5. Take care of my skin more. My skin is fine but there are days where it has its moments. I began really taking care of it last year when I started using more skin products, and changed my diet and sleep schedule. I began to have an interest in Korean skin care products so that is something I’m going to look into this year. 🙂
  6. Study Korean hard. I’ve been doing extremely well and my vocabulary and grammar has been improving quite quickly but there’s a lot left for me to learn. I actually reached a plateau of learning a while back. I’ll write a post about it and how I overcame it in another post.
  7. Continue getting As and higher in school. I’ve been working my butt off studying and sacrificing a lot of things in order to make ends meet. My hard work is paying off and I’ll like to continue this.
  8. Continue being prepared for class. I actually have used my winter break effectively. I already finished 1 – 2 weeks of all of my classes and working on a few future assignments right now. 🙂 I want to continue being productive.
  9. More self-care. I began the whole self-care routine last year and let me tell you it’s so worth it. I felt guilty doing things that relieved me stress and brought me pleasure because it felt like I was abandoning my school work. But sometimes watching an episode of a Korean drama is what I need to just relax and feel more recharged.
  10. Focus on myself more. Selfish year. I want to focus on myself more both physically and mentally. I want to be healthier and more content, patient, etc. This is a very broad goal but a few things I have mentioned already (e.g., continuing my healthy diet) are contributors for this goal.
  11. Say goodbye to some people. I am the type of person who can make friends easily but I am also the type of person to hold onto friendships that are no longer worth it. It’s sad to say but it is true. There are still some people in my life who bring me nothing but negativity, annoyance, or just pure anger. If I can feel so angry, annoyed, or upset at other people all the time I don’t want them in my life.

    I understand people will get on my nerves or hurt me here and there. That’s fine. I am talking about those who constantly do so. I don’t need constant stress. So I’ll have to cut ties.

  12. Learn to cook more Korean food. Why not? I love Korean food and the love of my life is Korean. I want to be able to cook a lot of his country’s dishes and his favourite, 김치 찌개 (kimchi jjigae).

So those are my goals for the entire year. #10, again, is a broad one so I might include more specific goals on my monthly goal posts.

Anyways, I am positive I’ll achieve these. I’m at a good place in my life right now. I’m doing great in school, I have a part time job, I am managing living on my own for almost 4 years, I have wonderful friends, and of course I have an extremely amazing boyfriend.

I am excited to see what 2016 will bring me. I know I’m going to cry, get hurt, be furious, and such but I also know there will be so many adventures, stories, laughter, and smiles. 🙂

Booked! I’ll see you soon, Korea!

So this is my exciting news! I told you it’ll be exciting, haha. I booked my flight ticket (round trip) to South Korea on December 13 (10 days ago) but it was during my final exams so sadly I couldn’t update you guys about this. I was also a bit busy after my exams seeing I was working for 4 days in a row shortly after. I have a 3 day break before working for another 4 days and then I’ll be going to visit my family back in my hometown.

I’ve been looking for a price drop for flight tickets for quite some time now and when I saw one that was very cheap I decided to buy it ASAP. Well, I told my boyfriend about it and then he said I should get it… so I did! The flight ticket cost me $1076! Affordable, right? Right now it’s around $1350+ so I was really lucky.

Now that I have the tickets I don’t feel that anxious checking websites for prices anymore. Although I knew I was going to go to Korea anyways (whether I had a flight ticket or not), I am more excited + looking forward to my trip.

I’ve been planning my trip and these are the places I hope to go to. It’s just the cities, nothing specific. I do have more specific places and things I would like to see when I am in Korea but I want to leave some more flexibility in my plans so I can go venture out and discover things… rather than following a strict guide, haha.

  1. Seoul
  2. Ulsan
  3. Pohang
  4. Busan
  5. Jeju Island

Since I’ll be arriving in Incheon, my boyfriend and I decided to stay in Seoul for about a week. Oh, yes! I’ll be in Korea for 5 weeks (yay!) So the remainder of the 4 weeks will be divided between the other 4 cities. I am definitely excited for Jeju Island haha. I believe I will either have an apartment primarily in Ulsan or Pohang. But most likely Ulsan!

So much I want to do but I know I’ll be visiting again another time so I’ll be trying my best not to do everything at once. But it’s so hard for me… haha… ㅠ^ㅠ

I am happy to update my page for my South Korea trip next year (you can find it here) with the fact that I bought my tickets! All that is left to do really is talk to my GM at work (which I will in January, he finally sent me an e-mail back after two months!) and save up for my entire trip. 🙂

I can’t wait! ~ 6 more months to go and when I am there I’ll see my lovely boyfriend… whom by then I didn’t see for 11 months. 😀

Recap: Korean Particles

So for those who don’t know I am studying Korean. And as an extra bonus I have also studied Japanese. Something new that I encountered during my Japanese studies was the use of particles. I was a bit shocked but also very comfortable when I saw particles being used in Korean as well.

Quite a handful of language learners express concern and trouble over the use of particles (if the language they are studying has them) but for me I found it incredibly easy! So if anyone here needs any help with Japanese and/or Korean particles, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I admit I am still learning but I got most of the “major” ones down for ya. 🙂

So it’s winter vacation for me. I’m working a lot of shifts and I’ll be leaving in 13 days back to my hometown to visit my family. I am taking advantage of this free time by getting ahead for my winter semester and studying Korean. That being said I want to share with you all what I have been reviewing lately in Korean.

As the title suggests, I have been reviewing particles. I got the “main” ones down though. I consider them the “main” ones because they’re used oh so often. I’m thankful of my Japanese studies since I was able to relate Korean and Japanese particles together based off similarity.

So these are major particles I am very comfortable with:

~은/는 = topic particle (similar to 「は」 in Japanese)
~을/를 = object particle (similar to 「を」in Japanese)
~에 = location/direction particle (similar to 「に」 in Japanese)
~이/가 = subject particle (similar to 「が」in Japanese)

These particles aren’t hard at all and I consider them a foundation for many sentences. I feel you can find a mixture of these particles in almost every single sentence, hence why I consider them major particles!

Here are some examples:

  1. 저는 여자예요 = I am a woman
  2. 저는 점심으로 사과 몇 개를 먹었어요 = I ate some apples for lunch
  3. 내일 저는 도서관에 갈 거예요 = Tomorrow I will go to school
  4. 하은이 정말 어뻐 = Haeun is very pretty

Also besides those four listed at the beginning there are two more I myself use quite a bit:

~도 = indicates “also” (similar to 「も」in Japanese)
~의 = indicates “possession” (similar to 「の」in Japanese)

Here are some examples:

  1. 나도 학생이야 = I am also a student
  2. 아버지는 동생에게서 돈이 주었어요 = Father gave (my) sibling money

And here are some more “intermediate” (I wouldn’t say intermediate but they are far from the basic ones you learn first hand) particles I am also comfortable with:

~와/과, ~이랑/랑, ~하고 + 같이 & 함께 (with/together)
~ 부터 + ~ 까지 (from + to)
~에서 (from + location of action)

Here are some examples:

  1. 에제 난 내 남친과 함께 영화를 봤어요 = Yesterday I watched a movie with my boyfriend
  2. 저는 도서관에 친구랑 캍이 있어요 = I am with my friend at the library
  3. 에제는 한국어를 12시부터 3시까지 공부했어요 = Yesterday (I) studied Korean from 12 (pm) to 3 (pm)
  4. 전 한국어를 작년부터 공부했어요 = I studied Korean from (since) last year
  5. 난 이 책을 처음부터 끝까지 읽었어요 = I read this book from the beginning to the end
  6. 우리는 이것을 처음부터 할 거야 = We will do this from the beginning

Yet again… here are some of the particles I am not necessarily having issues with but more so trying to be more comfortable in using them:

~에게/~한테/~께 (usually something done to someone like to give = 주다)
~에게서/~한테서/~(으)로부터 (when receiving something from someone)

I incredibly dislike ~(으)로 due to the endless meanings it entails. Okay not endless but more so there’s too many. 😦 Here are examples that entails some of the meanings of this particle:

  1. 어제 난 집에 버스로 갔어 = I went home by bus yesterday
  2. 이 편지를 펜으로 쓸 거야 = I will write this letter with a pen
  3. 이 편지를 한국어로 썼어요 = I wrote this letter in Korean
  4. 전 영어로 말할 거예요 = I will say (it) in English
  5. 내년에 한국에 선생님으로 갈 거야 = Next year I will go to Korea as a teacher
  6. 넌 날 친구로 생각하니? = Do you think of me as a friend?

And here are the other two and their examples…

  1. 제 남자친구에게 책 몇 관을 주었어요 = I gave my boyfriend some books
  2. 선생님에게 사과 몇 개를 주었어요 = I gave my teacher some apples
  3. 난 고등학생에게 한국에서 영어를 가르쳐 = I teach English to high school students in Korea
  4. 제 남자친구에게서 꽃을 받았어요 = I received flowers from my boyfriend
  5. 내 남친한테서 한국어를 가르쳤어 = My boyfriend taught me Korean
  6. 전 돈을 정부로부터 받았어요 = I received money from (my) company
  7. 편지를 대학교로부터 받았어요 = I received a letter from (my) university

I don’t know if you would consider these as particles but here are two additional things I have reviewed as well:

~을/를 위해(서) (to do for someone; in benefit of them); comfortable
~에 대해(서) (when talking about someone, etc); not comfortable

  1. 내 남친을 위해서 한국어를 열심히 공부할 거야= I will study Korean hard for my boyfriend
  2. 제 회사를 위해 열심히 일할 거예요 = I will work hard for my company
  3. 어젯밤에 너에 대해 생각했어 = I was thinking about you last night
  4. 전 친구에 대해서 말했어요 = I was talking about (that) friend

All in all Korean particles can be difficult but nothing you cannot overcome. I tend to tackle a lot of vocabulary before I dive in a lot of new grammar because I would like to have a lot of vocabulary available for me when it comes to practicing the new grammar I learned.

I don’t advise memorizing anything. I advise practicing until it becomes second nature to you. Now most of these particles I can use in my day to day Korean conversations without any difficulty (minus ~에 데해).

Anyways, this was a great review for me (this post) haha. Time to rest and then do some more reviews! 화이팅!